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Friday, June 26, 2009

Wedding Invite

I seem to have run out of topics to write about.

All right, I lied. I have not run out of topics, but that sounds better than whining about how I have so much to study that I have no time to breathe. It's old. So I stole this, I know not from whom. It's been around for a while. Apologies to non-medicos.

We, Mrs and Mr Aorta-Brachiocephalic Arch
Cordially invite your esteemed presence and blessings
with family on the occasion of the marriage of our son
Sublclavian Artery
Internal Jugular Vein
(Daughter of Mrs Inferior Petrosal Sinus and Mr Sigmoid Sinus)
At Posterior Triangular Hall, lateral to Sternocleidomastoid Plaza,
Prevertebral Block
Cervical Highway 7
And for the reception thereafter at their residence at
Apartment C6
Fascia Colli Buildings
Neck Nagar
PIN Code: C567

Kindly avoid presents

Anatomical accuracy be damned.

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