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Sunday, May 4, 2008


Me: Take the right turn near the red building.
Big Brother (although born well before 1984): Which one?
Me: The RED building.
BB (he plays the blues sometimes, but he’s no King, either): It has streets on either side.
Me: The distal one. The proximal one goes to the supermarket.
BB: Funny how medical lingo creeps in all the time.
Me: I don’t do that as much as you.
BB: You do it oftener than me.
Me: No, I do no- What is that creep doing, driving on the medial side of the road?
BB: *smirk*
Me: Go stick your head inside a PR.
BB: That’s wrong grammar, too.
Me: You want me to answer that?
BB: We’re there.


g-man said...

wats a pr?

black coffee said...

a pr is a per rectum. it is the digital(with fingers) examination of the rectum. more coarsely oput its sticking two(lubricated) fingers up one's ass!

that definitely is wrong grammar!
*shuts ears for any forthcoming medicolingual curses*

yeah its weird how the lingo creeps in!! :D
was hilarious as usual.. oops my uterus! :D

El said...

ha, yup doctor lingo is impenetrable, there is zero chance of a nonmedico understanding anything.

mathew said...

It happens our office M13 means miletstone 13 which actually means final deployment of a recently when of our colleagues announced that she is having a baby soon..everyone asketh in one voice.."SO WHEN IS THE M13!!!"