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Sunday, August 26, 2007

Ordeal by Innocence

It was to begin at precisely 8-30 AM. The victim stood with her head bent, hands clasped as in prayer, eyes closed, awaiting her judgment. She knew what to expect, but she kept hoping it would not happen. It could not happen. Should not. Death would be preferable to... Shivers ran down her spine at the thought.

She opened her eyes. The judge had entered the room. She saw her fate in the judge’s eyes. “NOOOOOO…” She screamed.

“Stop fussing,” said mom. “Everyone will be wearing Kerala saris today.”

Everyone was in Kerala sari, so it should not have mattered. But it did. She hadn’t yet mastered the art of walking normally while wearing a sari. The others had. She almost didn’t enjoy herself. Almost. Onam celebrations at college is always fun.

Happy Onam, people.


mathew said...

hahahaa..neways happy onam..

Ady said...

My dear lady...Eritrea is to the north of Ethiopia...separates Ethiopia from the Red Sea...was a province of Ethiopia till 17 years back and has since fought a war with it too (1998-2000)...And thats where I am..albeit for a short duration!

Sreejith said...

The sari with the golden border elevates the beauty quotient of any girl to atmospheric levels. That's the truth and the only truth. Belated Onam wishes to you as well! wonder how i overlooked this blog!

Peridot said...

Why 'adorable pancreas' ?

Grafxgurl said...

hello :) thanks for dropping by my blog. come back anytime.

Anonymous said...

Hey there, I know you left a comment about my couch on my blog. Do I know you :)? Let me know. ~D

Nags said...

hehe.. good one! and i really like your template :)

Arunima said...


Rakesh said...

Great twist in the story...

Anyways,belated Happy Onam.

Malaveeka said...


Dramatic, aren't you?

Adorable Pancreas said...

I hope you had a great one too. :)

Wow! Thanks.

I wish I could say the same about the mundu, but most guys can't carry it off. :(

I'm trying to flatter my pancreas and hope they don't give up on me. With my family history, I need all the help I can get.

Thanks for dropping by. And oh, you bet I will. :)

I've left a reply on your blog. Thanks for droping by. :)

Finally, someone with sense! Thankoo.

Thanks. :)

Kahani mein twist is my specialty.

Me? Dramatic? How could you? *frenzied weeping* My life is blighted. *frenzied weeping resumes*